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About the Albert Dorman Honors College

The Honors College exists to help the brightest students achieve their full potential. Your classmates will be top students who want to share their time, enthusiasm, and talents. Over 650 Honors students excel in Engineering, Architecture, Management, the Sciences and Liberal Arts, and Computing Sciences.  Many are also gifted in the arts or athletics. The combined (reading and math) SAT average is over 1347. Our requirements are rigorous yet flexible, and we consider the entire record of the applicant. Click here for more about admission.

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Instruction and Curriculum

You will have special classes in areas of your greatest strength.  Attend special seminars in Humanities, Management, and Science/Technology/Society. Enjoy Honors Colloquia (lectures, trips, famous people). Conduct research or attend a seminar in your major field of study. Attend small classes. Create your own Individual Education Plan. Learn from talented, student-oriented professors, published authors who invite their finest students to do research.  Click here for more about Honors courses and programs ...

Earn Scholarships & Awards

All students accepted into the Honors College receive a generous scholarship package; higher awards, up to full scholarships, are available depending on SAT scores and class rank. Some exceptional candidates are eligible for a partial room grant and additional scholarships.  Click here for more...

Enjoy the Honors Center and Honors Housing

All Honors College students have exclusive access to the James Kennedy Honors Center, and may choose to live on a special honors floor within the residence hall.

First-year honors students are guaranteed housing if their housing applications and contracts are postmarked by May 1.  After May 1, they are given priority in receiving housing.

Honors College Research & Co-op

You will work with NJIT faculty or specialists at major corporations, like Johnson & Johnson, Becton Dickinson, Bose, or Exxon. Do research with NASA, the White House, or the state government. Work on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Attend national math and science institutes. Get admitted to the 5 year BS/MS program.  


Over 1000 Honors alumni have gone on to noteworthy careers in industry, government, and academia.

Nearly half of Honors graduates go on to graduate school. Honors students have continued their educations at some of the nation’s most prestigious graduate and professional schools.  Eight percent go on to get medical or dental degrees

Entrepreneurship - Honors students receive the support, training, and background helpful to starting their own businesses.

Two recent Honors graduates, Geffrey Cox and Sarabjit Singh, teamed up with two other NJIT students to create a website,, where college students anywhere can buy textbooks at reduced prices and sell them back for a fair market price.

Honors graduate Jonathan Gropper started the company Vortech Web & Business Solutions LLC, a strategic business development firm.


The Honors College sponsors annual events such as the Teachers' Institutes, which disseminate current best teaching practices to pre-college teachers.


The Honors College is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council and fulfills all of their Basic Characteristics of a Fully-Developed Honors Program and for an Honors College.

The Honors College is an affiliate member of the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology (NCSSSMST).