Majors Available for Accelerated Programs

Only the majors below may be used for accelerated programs. These departments have been able to compress their curriculum into a three-year program. For any major, summer courses are usually required, unless you have a large amount of Advanced Placement credit. Regular scholarships awarded by NJIT or the Honors College may NOT be used for summer courses, but special summer financial aid may be available. The Application for Summer Financial Aid is available to students in April at the SFAS office or online at The summer financial aid application deadline is July 15.

Follow the links below for sample curricula for each accelerated major available. These are only samples, which illustrate how a typical student progresses through the program. Those with AP credit or other special situations may deviate from these plans.

Students will complete all of their General University requirements and most of the major courses in three years at NJIT. The first year of professional school completes the BS/BA degree requirements, and you receive your BS or BA from NJIT after completion of the first year of professional school.

Accelerated Curricula for Medicine, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, and Optometry Accelerated Pre-law Curricula (all include a Legal Studies minor except LTC)

Biology for Medicine, Dentistry, and Optometry (BA)


Biology for Physical Therapy (BA)


Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Concentration with B.S. in Engineering Science (BMES)





Environmental Science - 4 options

Environmental Science - 4 options






Information Technology

Science, Technology and Society

Information Technology /Criminal Justice /Pre-law Combined Program


Communication - BA or BS


Science Technology and Society


Law, Technology and Culture (LTC) (Go to the section titled Accelerated Pre-Law Curriculum with Seton Hall School of Law )