Dual Majors, Minors, and Major/Minor Combinations

Honors scholars are encouraged to consider a dual major or a minor (see important note below regarding applying minor courses towards the required minimum number of Honors courses). You can select one of many pre-arranged combinations of majors or major/minor, for example:

  • Biology/Mathematics
  • Computer Science/Applied Physics
  • Computer Science/Mathematics

Or, create your own combination. Some of the most popular second majors are

  • Biology (popular with pre-health students)
  • Mathematics
  • Business
  • Computer Science

Dual majors with Rutgers-Newark are also available.

See the list of minors available at NJIT.  Popular minors include Business, Math, Chemistry, History, Legal Studies and Computer Science. Almost one-quarter of Honors students pursue a minor.

NOTE: Beginning with incoming Freshmen and transfer students in the Fall of 2016, courses towards a minor will no longer count as Honors courses.  For other students, up to four courses taken for a second major or a minor can be counted as Honors courses.