What makes honors courses special?

Student Observations

I  was apprehensive at the start of my first semester in NJIT as an Albert Dorman’s Honors College student. Will these courses be overwhelmingly difficult?  What will the professor expect of me?  What if I fail? These questions were answered immediately as I entered my first class with Dr. Thomas in Physics-111H.  Dr. Thomas made clear that the main objective of the course was to learn, but in order to achieve this goal, students had to put time and effort into their work.  In this course, not only did we study the laws of mechanics, we also discovered how these fundamentals applied to everything around us.

Dr. Thomas began the course by analyzing the physics of a computer monitor.  He demonstrated how the electrons striking the screen obeyed Newton’s Laws.  Throughout the semester, the class continued to analyze technology ranging from water jets to accelerometers in cars.  As a Computer Engineering major, these applications will be beneficial to my future.  I was filled with anxiety as I began college.  Now I realize that these courses are here to guide us, to prepare us for the future, and to enjoy as we learn.

Paul Chao, Honors College Computer Engineering Major