Dean of Honors


I am pleased to introduce you to the Albert Dorman Honors College (ADHC). Since its inception as an Honors Program in 1985, and then as a College in 1995, the ADHC has continued to thrive through its vibrant community of students, alumni, faculty and staff, and industry stakeholders who participate in the growth of the College programs through their constant dedication, resources and savvy counsel.

The College is proud to provide a uniquely rich and challenging educational experience to the best and most motivated students who demonstrate excellence in their academic endeavors and engage in exceptional learning and development activities. 

The Honors experience offers an individualized curriculum rich in Honors courses, colloquia, study tours, dual degree and study abroad opportunities, accelerated programs through partnerships with neighboring Universities, internships, undergraduate research, innovation and collaboration through interdisciplinary studios, and involvement in community service.

Our students are preparing to be tomorrow’s global leaders, problem solvers, and innovators who are recognized for their Integrity, Professional Excellence, Passion and Compassion, and Service to the Community. They ask important questions and propose solutions.

The Albert Dorman Honors College staff, faculty and business stakeholders are always innovating and expanding the Honors experience and you will find a group of highly dedicated individuals, scholars and professionals to work with. You will enjoy learning in an interdisciplinary environment and planning for the future.

Putting it simply, our students want to change the world. We welcome you to join our Honors team and become one of the Dorman Leaders who will change the world with us. What will you propose?


Katia Passerini, PhD, PMP
Professor and Hurlburt Chair of Management Information Systems
Dean, Albert Dorman Honors College