Interdisciplinary Design Studio

Program Plan

Students will work in teams in open studio settings interacting directly with faculty advisors, industry mentors and project sponsors.  Problem identification/solution brainstorming sessions and specific targeted topical workshops to learn specific course material will be conducted, including the complete spectrum of project development, professional ethics, management, entrepreneurship, and global diversity. Students will be taught and closely mentored by instructors providing constructive critiques from diverse areas of expertise. The instruction and mentoring team will include internationally known faculty, well-known and experienced experts from industry, and successful entrepreneurs from the corporate sector.  The following matrix identifies the IDS learning areas, student deliverables, and action (learning) modes over the students’ four years, freshman through senior--in the context of the demands of multicultural business in the global society.

UG Level





Learning Areas
Global Issues/Needs
Technology Trends
Professional Ethics
Concept Exploration
Value Assessment
Proposal Writing
Presentation Skills
Project Proposal
Preliminary Design/Specs
Preliminary Research
Project Management
Team Management
Preliminary Business Model
Preliminary Financial Model
Patents & IP
Research & Development
Design Prototyping
Research & Development
Marketing Plan
Design Evaluation
Business strategies
Business Set-up
Government Policy
Finance Management
IP /management
Project Assessment
Technical Specifications
Business Assessment
Market Value Assessment
Business Growth/Exit
Societal Impact
Global Solutions
Student Deliverables

Preliminary Concept
Research Presentations
Phase-I Proposal
Market Value Report
Preliminary Models
Research Presentations
Phase-II Tech Proposal
Preliminary Business Plan
Design Prototype
Research & Development
Phase-III Proposal
Virtual Company
Project Prototype
IDS Workshop Demo
Virtual Company Demo
Tech Project Report
Business Project Plan
Action Modes

Group Learning
Critique Sessions
Group Learning
Critique Sessions
Group Learning
Critique Sessions
Group Learning
Critique Sessions
Industry mentoring and visits to corporations and companies in the United States and abroad
Preliminary Proposals
and Presentations
Phase-I Prototyping Phase-II Prototyping Phase-III Development
IDS Workshop

The work completed in IDS will be up to 15 credit hours  towards specific courses required for their respective degrees meeting the General University Requirements (GUR),  and Capstone Senior Design Project in the curriculum. Total IDS credits of 15 Credits will be awarded towards degree requirements of the major academic programs in the following manner:

Freshmen Year (3 Credits):

  • Fall Semester:  Freshmen Seminar (Honors) (3-0-0)
  • Spring Semester: IDS 101-HUM102 (3-0-3): Concept, Design and Innovation
    • Major Credit: 3 Credit Hours for General University Requirement: HUM 102-Honors (3-0-3)

Sophomore Year (3 Credits):

  • Fall Semester: IDS 201-STS 258 Honors (3-0-0):  Society, Technology and Globalization
    • Major Credit: 3 Credit Hours for General University Requirement: STS258-Honors (3-0-3)
  • Spring Semester: IDS 202-Honors (3-0-3): Business Planning, Management and Entrepreneurship
    • Major Credit: 3 Credit Hours for General University Requirement: MGMT 390-Honors (3-0-3)

Junior Year (3-6 credits):

  • Fall Semester: IDS 301-Honors (3-0-1/2/3):  Research, Design and Prototyping
    • Major Credit: 1-3 Credit Hours for Research and Independent Study I DEPT:490 (3-0-1/2/3)
  • Spring Semester: IDS 302-Honors (3-0-3): Business Development and Financial Management
    • Major Credit: 3 Credit Hours for Free Elective or Research and Independent Study II  DEPT:491 (3-0-3)

Senior Year (3-6 Credits):

  • Fall Semester: IDS 401-Honors (3-0-1/2/3):  Capstone Design Project -1 and Commercialization
    • Major Credit: 1-3 Credit Hours for Capstone Design Project- I DEPT:xxx (3-0-1/2/3)
  • Spring Semester: IDS 402-Honors (3-0-3): Capstone Design Project II
    • Major Credit: 3 Credit Hours for General Senior Capstone Design Project DEPT:xxx: (3-0-3)

As the IDS program curriculum is further developed, additional course credits will be provided towards a minor in “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” through the approval  process of NJIT  Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and Board of Trustees.  It is anticipated that the IDS program will stimulate interest of honors students towards accelerated BS-MS programs, specifically in Entrepreneurship and Business Management