Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff of the Albert Dorman Honors College

Dr Hamilton Dr. Louis Hamilton

Key Activities: Implement curriculum and academic program changes; Review Honors courses and learning outcomes; Develop operational plans; Define guidelines for scholarships awards; Provide Advising-at-large; Support, Lead internal outreach

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Dr. Dawn Klimovich
​Assistant Dean for Academics

Key Activities: Advise freshmen, sophomores, and juniors (non-accelerated); Develop the Honors College freshman experience through Honors freshman seminar; Direct Honors College transfer admission; Coordinate the Passing the Torch Peer Mentoring Program


Ms. Lois Chipepo
​Assistant Dean for Enrollment

Key Activities: Oversee enrollment; Award and manage scholarships for all scholars, including prospective students; Create and implement Honors student programs and activities


Dr. Shivon Boodhoo
​Director of Special Programs

Key Activities: Advise and certify seniors for Honors graduation; Advise students in accelerated programs; Coordinate nationally competitive fellowships initiatives; Assist in standardization of Honors operational procedures

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Ms. Alicia Feghhi
​Assistant Director of Leadership and Professional Development

Key Activities: Leadership and professional development programs coordinator; Community service lead; Service-learning activities; Leadership-based internships and co-ops; Student engagement activities coordination and reporting; Honors student council advisor; Corporate and non-profit networking for leadership and service opportunities

Administrative Assistant
Key Activities: Honors accelerated and transfer student applications; Accelerated recruitment scheduling; Budget and requisitions; Events management; Board meeting planning; Dean's appointments

Ms. Ivy Brown
Administrative Assistant

Key Activities: Honors student applications; Recruitment scheduling; Events management


Ms. Janet Robertson
Director of Development

Key Activities: Alumni engagement and fundraising for scholarships and programs