Honors College Photo Gallery

We invite you to browse our FLICKR collection to view photos from Honors College events including study tours and awards banquets.

Here are some recent events:


Meeting up with Honors College Alumni

Dean Louis Hamilton, Honors College alums: Katrina Hornstein '10, Divya Mirchandani '10, Brian Nevello '10 and Muhammad Alnakash '02, and Lois Chipepo, Assistant Dean for Enrollment, at the Winery Restaurant in Tustin, CA.

From Left to Right: Dean Louis Hamilton; Honors College alums: Katrina Hornstein '10, Divya Mirchandani '10, Brian Nevello '10 and Muhammad Alnakash '02; and Lois Chipepo, Assistant Dean of Enrollment in Tustin, CA.

March 13, 2018 

Meeting up with Honors College Alumnus

Michael Anderson (Honors College 2013) with Lois Chipepo, Assistant Dean for Enrollment, in sunny California.

Michael Anderson (Honors Class 2013) with Lois Chipepo, Assistant Dean of Enrollment, in sunny California.

March 12, 2018

2018 Give Kids A Smile

On February 2, 2018 a group of Honors Scholars volunteered their time to participate in Give Kids A Smile Day.

A celebration was held at the Honors College on March 9, 2018 in recognition of their efforts.

Group photo from the luncheon at Albert Dorman Honors College on February 9, 2010.

Group photo (left to right): Cavan Brunsden, DMD, owner of KidZdent (Old Bridge, NJ) & statewide director of Give Kids a Smile; ​Samantha Bove, Marketing Specialist/Administrator, New Jersey Dental Association; Honors College Scholars: Mariam Habek, Mauli Maniar, Mustafa Maner, Nishi Talati, Sara Bendaoud, Saloni Patel; Mark Vitale, DMD, President of NJDA, owner of  Edison Dental Arts (Edison, NJ); Maureen Barlow, Director of Programs & Development, New Jersey Dental Association 
Not included in the photo but participated in the volunteer efforts: Amal Abukwaik, Ayesha Ali, In Sung Choi, Parth Chokshi, Eric Davis, William Gao, Amanda Gross, Noreen Kamel, Neha Peddi, Bijal Shah, Tasneem Shaltout, and Amogh Thalanki.
March 9, 2018

2018 Black and White Photo Contest 

Congratulations to the winner: Shanee Halevi.

Winning photo by Shanee Halevi (two men sitting at a table outside of the renovated Hahne's Building in Newark)

Congratulations to the honorable mentions: Aatqa Memon, Anjul Patel, and Alexis Telyczka.

The three photos selected as Honorable Mentions: photo by Aatqa Memon (snow scene on campus); photo by  Anuj Patel (sun beaming on train track in Newark Penn Station); and photo by Alexis Telyczka (clock in Newark's Military Park).

2018 Freshman Year Meeting

Freshman Meeting held on Friday, March 2, 2018 at the NJIT's Atrium. Speakers: Dean Louis Hamilton (top left image), Dawn Klimovich, PhD (bottom left image), Shivon Boodhoo, PhD (top right image), and Alicia Feghhi (bottom right image).

March 2, 2018

2018 Student Appreciation Week 

Dean Louis Hamilton provided a "Philly Cheese Steak Experience" to the winner Shanee Halevi of the Honors College raffle drawing.

Dean Hamilton selects winning ticket while Ivy Brown looks on. Winner Shanee Halevi holds up items from the Philly Cheese Steak Experience she received, as well as photos of the entire contents including chips, pretzels, cakes, and the sandwich.

February 12-16, 2018

2018 Dean's Fund

Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in Amsterdam, attended by Kaila Trawitzki

The 2018 Dean's Fund was able to support Kaila Trawitzki attending the Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in Amsterdam during the week of February 11-16, 2018. Top Left Photo: Kaila Trawitzki; Top Right and Bottom Photos: Workshop Building and Notes.

February 11-16, 2018

2018 Colloquium:

Archaeological Work at the Roman "Villa of Horace" at Vacone, Italy by Dr. Gary Farney

Dr. Gary Farney at the podium presenting the Archaeological Work at the Roman "Villa of Horace" at Vacone, Italy.

February 7, 2018

2018 The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman & Designer Exibit

Honors College Students, COAD Students, and Staff on the steps of the museum in front of the Michelangelo poster.

February 2, 2018


2016 Washington D.C. Study Tour

2016 Washington DC Study Tour group in front of US Treasury


2016 Senior Awards Banquet


2015 Washington D.C. Study Tour

Fall 2015 Board of Visitors Roundtable

Albert Dorman speaking with students at November 2015 Board of Visitors Roundtable


Celebration 2015

Dr. Albert Dorman, founder of AECOM and of the Honors College, speaks at Celebration 2015

2015 Senior Awards Banquet