Summer Research Institute

Honors Summer Research Institute (HSRI)

The HSRI is an eight week (6/4/18-7/27/18) educational activity intended to foster innovative thinking, interdisciplinary research collaboration among and between Honors scholars, near-peer review/mentoring.  Each week, participants will be introduced to and explore the wide-range of research done at NJIT through near-peer research presentations, discussions and critiques. These weekly sessions will be moderated by Honors faculty and staff.

Given the value of this educational experience, full participation in the HSRI will entitle a scholar to a one Honors coursework reduction.   A pre-requisite for participation in the HSRI is full-time research at NJIT during the eight week term that the Institute meets.  While we expect all interested scholars to apply for support through other mechanisms (ex. Provost Summer Research Fellowship), there are a very limited number of $2500 fellowships to support Scholars’ faculty-directed research during the HSRI term.  

All application forms and proposals MUST be received by 5 PM EST on May 4, 2018.


For more information and detailed instructions on applying, please visit this link. If additional information is needed, email



2018 HSRI Recipients

 Callaghan, Jennifer

 Ballistic Armor Composite Metamaterials

 Daudelin, Daniel 

 Compensatory Neuronal Plasticity Mechanisms in response to Insertion of Exogenous Genes

 DeMottie, Katherine 

 Edicole Sparita in Rome’s Eleventh Rione and the Historic Jewish Ghetto

 D'Souza, Caroline

 Optimization of 3D Printed Hybrid Scaffolds

 Gould, Laura 

 Urban Infrastructure and Apparent Religious Devotion in Rome, Italy

 Marsh, Richard  

 Intense Ultrasonic Waves in Fluids: Nonlinear Behavior

 Naeem, Zoraiz 

 Topologically Protected Domain Boundary Modes in Metamaterials

 Pavuluri, Swathi

 Measuring Susceptibility to Seizures After Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats with Alzheimer’s Disease

 Rejouis, Beatrice 

 The Effect of Breeding on Thoroughbred Race Horse Durability

Honors Summer Research Institute 2018

Collage of photos of the 2018 HSRI Recipients with Dr. Dobiszewski, click here to see complete gallary of photos.

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