Why Study at the Honors College?

A Challenging Educational Experience ...

... that stimulates students to test their limits.

Dorman Honors College scholars are among the nation’s most talented young people. They come to NJIT with very focused ideas about their career goals and academic interests. Each Dorman Honors student works one-on-one with an advisor to build an individual education plan, enriched by a variety of learning options such as independent study, research projects, industrial internships and service learning programs.

A Technology-Rich Education ...

... to foster a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Leadership in the next generation will fall to those who have mastered science and technology, those who understand how the many technological disciplines interact and complement each other, those who can project the impact of technology on society and industry. Success in any field – law, medicine, business, education, entertainment, finance and investment – now requires a command of technology.

A Well-Rounded Education ...

... that emphasizes social consciousness and community service

The Dorman Honors experience motivates students to look at the big picture. While involved in such projects as designing MEMS devices for medical diagnosis or conducting a feasibility study, students learn to consider their work in the context of its contribution to quality of life, its social and economic impact, its environmental consequences.