Incoming First-Year Students

All Dorman Honors scholars who are New Jersey residents and either US citizens or permanent residents receive an Honors Scholarship, the amount depending on GPA and SAT scores.  Honors scholarships currently range from $5000 per year up to full tuition, room, and board, and are in addition to any scholarships granted by NJIT.  Out-of-state US citizens or permanent residents may also be eligible for a Presidential Scholarship, which reduces their tuition to the in-state rate.

Transfer Students (external & internal)

Transfer students receive an Honors scholarship that is set each year. For 2017-2018 the amount is $5000 per year ($2500 for fall semester and $2500 for spring semester). 

Current Students

Current students seeking information about scholarship opportunities should visit the Honors College Moodle site to find out about external scholarship opportunities.