Strategic Plan 2014-2020


The Strategic Plan 2014-2020 is available for download. The Vision and Mission of the Albert Dorman Honors College have been updated to reflect the strategic priorities of the 2014-2020 plan.

The Values that guide our mission and actions have been introduced.

As one of the Colleges of NJIT that attracts and retains top-talented students to degree programs offered by the University, the Honors College programmatic activities are designed to work in parallel with the technical programs and majors offered by other NJIT Colleges. Our students are “dual citizens” of the College offering their major and of the Honors College. They are exceptionally prepared within their technical field of study and benefit from the Honors College programming to expand technical academic competence beyond and across disciplinary fields.





STRATEGIC PRIORITY 1 – Academic excellence through learner-centered education

STRATEGIC PRIORITY 2 – Leadership development through community engagement

STRATEGIC PRIORITY 3 – High visibility through technological outreach & partnerships



Strategic Plan 2008-2012