Graduate Study for Honors Students

The BS/MS Program

As an Honors Scholar, you have an opportunity to get started early on a graduate degree at NJIT. The BS/MS program allows you to take three (or, for some programs, four) graduate courses as an undergraduate and have them count for both the undergraduate degree and a later graduate degree at NJIT. This and other features of this program make it possible to rapidly complete a graduate degree within only one or two semesters after completion of the undergraduate degree, saving you both time and money. Similar programs exist for outstanding students in other programs such as those in Business and Management and in Architecture.

As an added inducement, up to three graduate courses taken are counted as Honors courses (when completed with a grade of B or higher).

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you must visit the Graduate Studies Office, 140 Fenster Hall, and have your two graduate courses identified and approved no later than the end of your junior year. The courses you select for the BS/ MS program must be approved before taking them or they will not be counted for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.

In addition to the two double-counted courses taken within the BS/MS, any undergraduate student with GPA of at least 2.8 may take up to three other graduate courses with approval of both the graduate school and the undergraduate advisor (see the Registrar's web page for forms). Again, all such courses receive Honors credit, up to a total of four.

(Note that participating in the BS/MS program does not obligate you to attend graduate school at NJIT.)