Guidelines for Creating an Honors Enhancement for a Single Student in a Non-Honors Course

Course Enhancements

Under special circumstances and when approved by an Honors advisor and instructor, Albert Dorman Honors College students can earn Honors credit for a non-Honors course by completing additional coursework.  The guidelines below apply to the academic situation where an honors student asks permission for an Honors Enhancement to a non-Honors course. These Guidelines have been endorsed by the University Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee on April 30, 2007.


When permission is granted

  • Albert Dorman Honors College students are permitted to earn honors credit for a non-honors course by completing additional coursework under very special circumstances.

  • A maximum of three enhancements will be granted per student for the length of their tenure at NJIT. Enhanced courses will be approved at the 300 and 400 levels within the student’s major, if no alternative Honors courses exist. Only one enhanced course at the lower-division level (200) may be considered if approved by the Honors advisor. 

  • This option is not available to first-year students.  Students must be in good academic standing with their Dorman Honors College requirements..

  • Permission is granted when, in the opinion of the Honors advisor, no alternative regular honors course exists and the student is expected to have no opportunity to take the course as Honors in the future. Permission is also granted for a course in which a student demonstrates a genuine interest in going beyond the regular course content and which is not regularly available as Honors.


Requirements and procedures for approval

The student requesting this option must follow the procedures below in the order given.

  1. To initiate a request for a course enhancement, students must first complete the Course Enhancement Application which is located online at the Honors College Moodle page and is made available after the eligibility email is sent at the beginning of each semester

  2. Requests will then be reviewed by Dr. Klimovich (sophomores and juniors) and Dr. Boodhoo (accelerated students, seniors and year 5) prior to being issued the course enhancement contract approval form.

  3. After the review of the request, the student will be contacted by the Honors advisor to come to the Honors Office to receive the Course Enhancement contract approval form. If the request is approved, the student is directed to the web page containing the course enhancement guidelines. The student should give the professor the web location or a printout of the guidelines to better understand honors credit course work options.  The approval form must be completed and signed by the course instructor and include a detailed description of the additional course requirements for honors credit. The course enhancement contract approval form is to be returned by the end of the third week of classes (or other date as determined by the Honors College).

  4. The Honors Advisor makes the decision whether the proposed enhancement falls within the guidelines. If the decision is positive, the Honors Advisor sends a confirmation email to the student and the professor. If the decision is negative, the Honors Advisor initiates a discussion with the professor with the aim of bringing the enhancement within the guidelines. Ultimately the professor and the advisor must both approve.

  5. Honors credit will be granted only when the completed course enhancements are uploaded to the Honors College Moodle page by the deadline set forth in the initial approval email (typically the last day of the semester)


Guidelines for the Professor

  1. The quality or completion of the additional material required of an Honors student should not form a part of the grade in the course. The student should receive a grade according to the work done in the non-honors part of the course, and the honors work is rewarded by the granting of honors credit for the course.

  2. The student should be graded according to the same criteria as all other students in the course.

  3. The student is responsible for ensuring that the instructor emails the Honors Advisor confirming that the student satisfactorily completed the course enhancement no later than the beginning of the next semester. The email must be from the professor and it should include the student’s name, ID number, course, section, and grade earned. Honors credit will not be granted until this confirmation is received.

  4. Consistent with Honors College policy for all Honors courses, Honors credit will be awarded only if the student earns at least a B in the course.

  5. If the Honors course work is not completed satisfactorily, this should be reported to the Honors College by the instructor, and Honors credit will not be granted.