The BS/MS in Management for the students in the Albert Dorman Honors College

The BS/MS Program

The BS/MS offers students an opportunity to begin their careers with an advanced degree in management. The program emphasizes the role of technology in business with a focus on preparing students for the emerging digital economy.


  • Albert Dorman Honors College students can meet over half of the undergraduate management requirements through honors and graduate courses
  • An accelerated career track with better prospects for significant work experience in the early career
  • Upon graduation, you will be qualified for positions that meet the work experience requirements of leading MBA programs
  • A skill base suited for leadership roles in organizations

 The Program in Brief

  • A five year, 148 credit program that encompasses a 124-credit BS and a 30-credit MS.
  • Areas of specialization are
    • BS--Finance, Marketing, Management Info Systems, Corporate Communication.
    • MS--Organization Management, MIS, Management of Technology, E-commerce

Applying to the Program

To be assured entrance into management honors courses within the BS/MS, students must first be accepted to the Albert Dorman Honors College. Students with SAT scores of 1250 (reading and math) or higher, who are in the top 15 % of their high school class and who have a wide range of interests are encouraged to apply. Those who do not meet all of the criteria can be considered for Honors if they present otherwise excellent credentials.

Information about Being Admitted to the Honors College: Information on the BS/MS in Management for Honors:
Contact: Assistant Dean for Enrollment
Albert Dorman Honors College
Phone: (973) 642-4448
Fax: (9730642-4452
Contact: The Director, Undergraduate Program
School of Management, Rm. 3014
Phone: (973) 596-8238
Fax: (973) 596-3264