Transfer Applicants

Exceptional students currently at NJIT as well as those already admitted as transfer students to NJIT are invited to apply to the Dorman Honors College - both categories are considered transfers. Current NJIT freshmen should complete at least two semesters prior to submitting the application.

NOTE: Transfer admission to the Dorman Honors College is not open to students who have already completed a prior baccalaureate degree at another college/university or at NJIT.

Admission to the Dorman Honors College as a transfer student is extremely competitive and there is a special application process.

  • Full-time student should have completed, if these courses were required upon admission to NJIT, Math 107,108 and/or HUM 099/100
  • Have taken 15 or more credits each semester (one semester of 12-15 credits allowed)
  • GPA of at least 3.5
  • If completed an Honors course, earned a final grade of B or better
  • Must have at least 4 semesters remaining to complete the current degree
  • Must be eligible to complete between 6 - 11 Honors courses that fit into the student's curriculum, 3 of which must be from Groups B, C, and D of Honors course requirements. The student’s degree progress will be reviewed and a custom Honors contractual agreement will indicate the number of required Honors courses to complete before graduation.
  • Applicants should have achieved the same level of excellence as those currently in the program. In place of the very high class rank and SAT scores asked of students accepted directly from high school, we ask applicants to have either completed or be eligible to complete Honors courses and to be involved in university/community activities or research

If an applicant falls somewhat short of these requirements, he/she may be asked to spend one additional semester demonstrating the capability to handle the Dorman Honors program by taking Honors courses, participating in service activities, and attending Honors colloquia before re-applying for admission. Students can re-apply only one time if they previously did not qualify for admission.


How to Apply

Download the Dorman Honors College Transfer form here or obtain an application from the Honors office (222 Honors Residence Hall). Submit it to the office no later than the deadline above along with the requested supplemental materials. Students may also submit a resume/activities list. Applications are reviewed toward the end of each semester, and final decisions are made after grades are posted. Applications received after the start of classes will be considered for the following semester.

Upon admission to the Dorman Honors College, students will be required to write an Individual Education Plan, which all first-semester ADHC students complete.
For further information about transfer admission, please email

The Honors College has an agreement with the Honors Program at Bergen Community College which allows students to move seamlessly from one institution to the other. Read the most significant parts of the agreement below:

  1. All students who complete four full-time semesters, or the equivalent as part-time students, in the Bergen Community College Honors Program (BCCHP), and who meet the GPA requirements below, upon admission to NJIT as a transfer student and application to the Honors College, will be automatically admitted to the Dorman Honors College.
  2. Such students must meet the following grade requirements in their Bergen courses:
    • GPA of at least 3.0 in Honors courses (4-point scale)
    • Overall GPA of at least 3.2
  3. All Honors courses taken at BCCHP with a grade no lower than B will be granted credit by the NJIT Albert Dorman Honors College towards meeting the Lower Division/Major-Related requirement of eight Honors courses. One Honors course grade of C or C+ will be accepted if it is balanced by an A in another Honors course.

For further details, please contact the Director of the BCC Honors Program.

Students who have taken Honors courses at other Community Colleges will have these courses evaluated on an individual basis for Honors credit.