Pre-Health Admissions

Your Career in the Medical Field Starts at NJIT

If you are planning a career in any one of these areas, NJIT offers you two possible tracks: a highly competitive accelerated program through which you earn both the bachelor's and the doctoral degree in just seven years, or a four-year, pre-professional bachelor's degree followed by application to a medical school.

Whatever track you follow, you will work with an NJIT advisor who will help you tailor a program of courses that includes biological sciences, chemistry, and physics. Students also have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects at NJIT or at a collaborating institution such as the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School or the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation.


Accelerated Pre-Health Programs

If you have done exceptionally well in high school, you may consider applying for an accelerated pre-health program. Three years of study will be at NJIT, where you must fulfill all University and Honors College requirements. The remaining years of the program will be spent at the professional school.

Medical and Dental programs require four years beyond the three years at NJIT. The Bachelor's/M.D. program with St. George's University involves three years at NJIT, two years of study in Grenada (Caribbean Islands), then two years at St. Michael's Medical Center adjoining NJIT in Newark. The DPT program requires 3 years beyond NJIT.


Early application deadline for accelerated programs is November 15.  Applicants must be interviewed and accepted by both the Albert Dorman Honors College and the medical, dental or optometry school.  Final admission decisions are made by these schools.

These programs are highly competitive.  Students who are admitted to the Honors College are not necessarily admitted to the accelerated programs.  Applicants should be prepared to provide evidence that they have attempted to gain insight or knowledge into their chosen profession through, for example, volunteer or research positions or special programs in or out of school. 


 How to Apply:

  1. Visit the Common Application.

  2. Apply to NJIT.

  3. Indicate your interest in the Honors College and the Accelerated Program.

  4. Answer all the questions pertaining to the Honors College and the Accelerated program.

  5. Check off the appropriate accelerated program;

  6. Write an essay on the exact topic specified on the application; a general essay is not acceptable and will be rejected. See Tips For Writing an Honors College Essay.


When you finish your first year at the medical, dental, or optometry school, you will be awarded a BS or BA from NJIT. After successfully completing all of your degree work, you will be awarded an MD, DMD, DPT, OD, or MPH.

The accelerated programs are available to graduating high school seniors who will be US citizens or permanent residents when they enter the professional school (exception: the St. George's MD program is open to anyone). All accelerated programs are also open to students currently enrolled at NJIT or, in some cases,  transferring to NJIT. Students must have an outstanding academic record in a rigorous pre-health curriculum. Policies vary by program.

Four-Year Pre-Health Program

Honors Scholars who pursue the four-year pre-medical, pre-dental or pre-optometric program may earn a degree in any department. With your advisor's guidance, you will apply to professional school at an appropriate point during your studies at NJIT.