Awards for Faculty Excellence

Faculty Excellence

Faculty who teach Honors courses are devoted to the undergraduate learning experience. Many have been recognized for their dedication by receiving the Albert Dorman Honors College Outstanding Faculty Award.  In 2016, the recipients of this prestigious award were Dr. Maria Stanko (Federated Department of Biological Sciences) and Dr. Oksana Manzhura (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering).

Professor Maria Stanko of the Federated Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Maria Stanko - 2016 Outstanding Faculty Award

Dr. Stanko received several recommendations for this award, including the following:

"She has made an impact on my academic career since my first year at NJIT.  Her friendly demeanor made me feel welcome, her caring attitude toward the students gave me the drive and enthusiasm for the material, and her competence as an instructor allowed me and my peers to excel."



Not pictured

Dr. Oksana Manzhura - 2016 Outstanding Faculty Award

"Dr. Manzhura is surely an exemplary individual not just because she teaches well but because she cares about her students, and like Maya Angelous says, I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  I am sure that many students from the ECE department can agree that we will never forget Dr. Manzhura's caring lessons because she has empowered us to believe that we can do anything."