Course Enhancement Guidelines for Faculty

Honors Course Enhancements

Under special circumstances and when approved by an Honors advisor and instructor, Albert Dorman Honors College students can earn Honors credit for a non-Honors course by completing additional, Honors-level coursework.  These enhancements are showcased at the end of each semester.

Guidelines for the Professor

  • The quality of completion of the additional material required of an Honors student should not be counted towards the student's grade in the course.  The student should receive a grade according to the work done in the non-Honors part of the course, and the Honors work is rewarded by the granting of Honors credit for the course.
  • The student should be graded according to the same criteria as all other students in the course.
  • The student is responsible for ensuring that the instructor emails the Honors Advisor confirming that the student satisfactorily completed the course enhancement no later than the beginning of the next semester.  The email must be from the professor and should include the student's name, ID number, course, section, and grade earned.  Honors credit will not be granted until this confirmation is received.
  • Consistent with Honors College policy for all Honors courses, Honors credit will be awarded only if the student earns at least a B in the course.
  • If the Honors enhancement is not completed satisfactorily, this should be reported to the Honors College advisor by the instructor, and Honors credit will not be granted.
  • Students are responsible for uploading their completed enhancements into the Honors Moodle course.  Instructions will be provided to the students.


Ideas for Enhancements

An Honors course enhancement  should be intellectually stimulating.  Some suggestions for enhancements are listed below.  The Course Enhancement Showcase booklet is also provided so that instructors can review examples of previous enhancements.

  • Research an area of the discipline not covered in depth in the regular course
  • Apply the course materials to the student's chosen major in a creative way
  • Participate in an appropriate and relevant faculty-initiated research project
  • Lead several class discussions on readings or other course-related topics
  • Monitor and analyze current events associated with the course topic
  • Conduct a literature review in a collateral area of the course topic.
  • Investigate an aspect of the course topic that deals with one or more of the following areas: leadership, ethics, sustainability, and globalization