Rules for the Kennedy Honors Center

The following set of rules governing conduct and appropriate use of the facilities contained in the Kennedy Center will help ensure a long lifetime for the equipment.

  • Use of the James A. Kennedy Honors Center is governed by New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Professional Conduct Code at all times.

  • The Honors Center will be open to honors scholars during the hours that access to the building is permitted by the University.

Honors Center Hours

7:00 a.m.- 12:00 midnight

Mondays through Fridays

7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Saturdays and Sundays


  • Guests are not allowed. Under no circumstances should the combination to the lock on the door be given to anyone who is not an Honors Scholar. Report any unauthorized use of the Center to the monitors or the honors college staff.

  • Students are responsible for all furniture and equipment in the center. No item, no matter how small, should be removed at any time without permission. Equipment should be maintained in good condition and not negligently damaged in any way.

  • Writing on dry-erase boards, postings on bulletin boards, should be relevant to the Honors College and in keeping with good taste. Notices or flyers should be posted only on bulletin boards on the ground floor, next to the check-in booths.

  • Food and beverages are allowed primarily in the Honors Lounge but never in the Computer Lab and in the Quiet Study areas. Every student MUST clean up after himself or herself. This includes anything left on the tables, chairs, and kitchen area, especially the microwave and refrigerator.

  • If using the entertainment equipment, please note that educational uses have the highest priority, while the radio, movies and the like have lesser priority. Students using the video and audio entertainment equipment in the Lounge should naturally ensure that the subject matter is appropriate. Uploading defamatory or offensive information to no matter what digital channel of communication will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action, including expulsion from the College.

  • Excessively loud or wild behavior is not permitted in the Center. Students should be quiet and courteous so as not to disturb others who wish to use the center for study or quiet relaxation. Also, any inappropriate behavior will result in the student’s forfeiture of privileges to use the rooms.

  • Any student who uses the Honors Center for behavior resulting in disciplinary action imposed by the Committee on Professional Conduct (i.e., an Honor Code violation) may have his/her Center privileges suspended for one or more semesters.

  • Be aware of who the monitor is on duty and bring any questions or concerns to him/her. Students are encouraged to anonymously report rules violations.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding these rules or the lounge in general, please contact the Honors College Student Council or the Honors College Administration.

Use of the Honors College Computer Network is subject to NJIT's Acceptable Use Policy at all times.  A video recording system is in use at all times.

  • Swipe to enter the lab, even when behind another person.

  • There is to be no eating or drinking at any of the workstations; nor is food permitted in the computer lab.

  • Only licensed software is allowed on the network; if you want something installed please e-mail; do not install it yourself. Please note you must demonstrate need when making the request.

  • You, the users of the network, have the ultimate responsibility of making or breaking the network. Any thefts or vandalism of any kind will shut down the computer lab indefinitely.

  • Please save your personal data on your portable storage devices; do not use the computers' hard drives to store your personal data. NJIT cannot guarantee that the data will be there when you return to access it.

  • Web browsing for fun and checking e-mail is of second priority, while work and research using the computer have the utmost priority.

  • Games are NOT to be installed on the computers.

  • The lab is for HONORS student only.

These rules are put into place to protect the lifetime of the equipment and to make sure that they last for the future honors students. Any disciplinary action taken will be at the discretion of the computer managers. These actions are always under review by the Honors College Administrators.

Any infraction of the above rules can lead to your temporary or permanent exclusion from the Computer Lab. Also, note that more serious infractions may be in violation of the University Professional Conduct Code and will be dealt with as per standard University Policy.