Grade Point Average


Cumulative GPA: To remain in the Honors College, a student must attain a cumulative 3.2 GPA each semester or a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 .

Accelerated Programs: Students in some accelerated programs must achieve a higher GPA overall and/or in specific premed courses.  Students should discuss these requirements with their academic and Honors advisors

Option to Retake Courses: Honors students who fall below the GPA requirement in any semester may remain in the Honors College for one additional semester by retaking courses in which they have not done well. Such students must submit a written plan to the Assistant Dean for academics for bringing their GPA up to the requirement, including a plan for changing study or work habits. University policies regarding adjustment of GPA apply  - see Academic Policies and Procedures under Undergraduate Course Repetition Policy. Any student who falls below the GPA requirement for a semester, and who registers for the following semester and then withdraws from all courses, shall be considered to have used the additional semester grace period. Such a student must reapply to the Honors College if he/she wishes readmittance.

An Honors student who receives a grade below B in an Honors course and retakes it as a non-Honors course will not receive Honors credit.

Readmission to Honors:
All dismissals from Honors are considered temporary. If a dismissed student attains a 3.2 GPA in any semester, he/she should contact the Assistant Dean for academics to discuss reinstatement. Written appeals for readmission should be submitted upon obtaining the cumulative 3.2 GPA. However, readmission may be denied if so much time has elapsed since dismissal that a reasonable number of honors courses cannot be completed before graduation.