Scholarship Policies for Current Students

Additional Scholarships for Current Students

From time to time additional scholarship funds become available for current Honors students. Some donors prefer to provide scholarships only to current students, as a way of rewarding outstanding performance.

These often come to us with restrictions as to the student’s major or other factors. When we have such funds, the Honors administrators select students who we judge to be most deserving and who meet the donor’s requirements. Students do not need to apply for such scholarships. You will be notified if you become eligible.

The following factors are considered in the decision to award additional scholarship funds:

  1. Fit with the donor’s requirements
  2. Academic performance
  3. Progress in meeting Honors College requirements
  4. Service to the Honors College
  5. Service to the NJIT campus
  6. Financial need

Although applications are not taken, any student who wishes to inform us of any special circumstances is welcome to do so by sending an e-mail to  We will keep such messages on file. There is no regular schedule for awarding of such funds, so there are no deadlines.  We will contact you further only if you are chosen to receive an award.