Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

As one of the colleges of NJIT that attracts and retains top-talented students to degree programs offered by the University, the Honors College creates programs that are designed to work in parallel with the technical programs and majors offered at NJIT. Dorman scholars are exceptionally prepared within their technical field of study and benefit from the Honors College programming to expand technical academic competence beyond and across disciplinary fields. The Strategic Plan 2014-2020 defines the Honors College's strategic priorities and lays out a plan of action that will use our guiding values to pursue our mission and realize our vision.


Follow the highest standards of conduct, act fairly, and be responsible.

Professional Excellence
Strive for excellence as a guiding principle of every professional engagement: scholarship, research, learning, mentoring, and service.

Passion and Compassion
Engage fully and fervently in the pursuit of knowledge but remain considerate, thoughtful, and benevolent.

Service to the Community
Contribute to the local and global community through exemplary service and dedication.


Within, the Albert Dorman Honors College provides an extraordinary education characterized by academic excellence, forefront technological research, and leadership development that attracts and graduates the most talented honors scholars, having prepared them for successful careers and leadership roles in industry, the public sector, academe and non-profits, all dedicated to the improvement of society.


The Albert Dorman Honors College is a model of excellence in University education wherein highly qualified students are academically and societally prepared for key leadership positions.



Strategic Plan 2008-2012