Honors Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences 

Effective Fall 2016 for Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students

In recognition of learning occurring outside the classroom, students will have the option to undertake a variety of learning experiences that will result in a reduction in their minimum required number of Honors courses.


Experience Duration Reduction
Study Abroad 1 semester 2-course reduction
2 semesters Additional 1-course reduction (max. 3-course total reduction for all Study Abroad experiences)
Internship or Co-op 1 semester 1-course reduction
2+ semesters Additional 1-course reduction per internship/co-op (max. 3-course total reduction for all internship or co-op experiences)
Research w/thesis or product 2 semester minimum 3-course reduction
3+ semesters Additional 1-course reduction (max. 4-course total reduction for research experiences)


NOTE: All reductions will be taken from GROUP A, and 1-credit Honors labs and courses towards a minor will no longer count towards the minimum number of Honors courses.  Courses towards a second major and graduate-level courses will continue to count towards GROUP A requirements.  ALL Honors students who undertake learning experiences must complete a minimum of seven (7) Honors courses (CoAD a minimum of five (5) Honors courses):

  • For CoAD, two from Group A, one each from Groups B and C, and one from Group D
  • For all other colleges/majors, four from Group A and one each from Groups B, C, and D