The Kennedy Honors Center

The Kennedy Honors Center

One of the rooms in the Kennedy Honors Center

The Honors Center is a dual-purpose space, providing places for students to focus on social and academic activities.  Relax in our well-equipped Honors Lounge, enjoy a game of cards or chess, watch TV or listen to music with your fellow students. Or, bury yourself in the quiet Honors Study Room or Honors Computer Lab for some serious study. Have a project to do that needs to remain set up, such as a poster? Do it in our Project Room. See the Floor Plan.

The Honors loungeThe lounge is outfitted with stereo and video equipment and is often used for having lunch, playing games, or informal group study sessions. The lounge also contains a kitchen with counter space, refrigerator, microwave oven, and cabinets.

The computer facility supports your academic interests. It's filled with the latest computer hardware, software, laser printers, and peripherals -- and is connected via Ethernet to the university network.

The quiet study room accommodates both individual and group study, with both private carrels and tables.

In addition to these, we have a small meeting room accommodating up to about a dozen people, and a larger conference room.  Honors students can reserve the meeting room for committee meetings. Click here to review the rules for the Honors Center

A view of the Kennedy Honors Center