Honors Leadership Colloquia

Honors Colloquia

Attend 2 Each Semester

Staying informed about all aspects of the world around you beyond your professional  interests is an essential component of leadership.

The Honors Leadership Colloquium Series focuses on the interface between Science, Technology and Society.  Colloquia normally meet during university common hours 8-12 times each semester. They feature talks by - and conversations with - industry, academic, and government leaders on a wide range of topics. Field trips to  corporate, scientific, cultural, and community organizations are also included. In addition, some important campus political and cultural events are co-sponsored by the Honors College and regarded as part of the Colloquium series.

Honors students must attend at least 2 colloquia each semester and are strongly encouraged to attend  more than the required number of colloquia.

Regulations for Colloquium attendance: A combined attendance/evaluation form is distributed to students as they enter.  The filled-out forms are collected at the end of the colloquium.  Students entering more than 10 minutes late will not be given the form, and forms will not be accepted from students leaving early.